I’ll be staying here for 1 month more. I just want to write a few sentences about my life in Banja Luka. I’m having a great time here; the people are really friendly (just the same as in Poland). Poland and Bosnia and Herzegovina are both Slavic countries, so I feel sympathy towards them. Thanks to the last 2 months, I have completely changed my mind about Bosnia!

People in Poland don’t know much about Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, so during my first few days in Banja Luka everything was new for me. By the way, I have never been in a situation like this before. I needed three or four weeks to acclimatize.

At the beginning of my exchange I felt really embarrassed because everyone kept looking at me. I didn’t know the language (I still have problems with speaking, but I can understand a lot of things). The first day at my new school was particularly strange. I didn’t know what was going on around me and I had no friends.

Now the situation is completely different! I have a group of great mates and the language barrier makes no difference. We go out some evenings after school, so I know the centre of Banja Luka very well. It is a small city (about 200,000 people live here), but really it’s very nice! I love walking in the centre.The atmosphere here is positiveand I even love spending some time on my own.

My favourite places in Banja Luka? Definitely the Castle! Maybe it isn’t a real castle (with towers and lots of constructions). There’s just a high wall and a big space, but I really like it. The River Vrbas is near the castle. Its water is crystal clear! It’s amazing, when I stand on the bridge I can see the bottom of the river (it is 6.5 meters deep). During the summer, people dive from the bridge. I want to come back here next summer and dive.

Any other places? TRŽNICA! There I spend all my free time between the language course and the bus which take me home, but only when the weather isn’t good. What it this place? Tržnica is a big market where you can find everything. There are watches, clothes, shoes, cheap jewellery and caps. There’s nothing original but that doesn’t matter, I like this place! I love talking to the shop assistants. (Koji je tvoj broj, ima veći broj, koliko košta). Generally I buy many things here, because it’s cheaper here than in Poland. I will probably have a problem with my baggage.

What about my Serbian language? Each day I’m getting better and better! The beginning of the language course was really important for me. Thanks to this I can function better every day! I hope, next month, I will speak Serbian fluently!

OK, I think that is all for now!

Really, I’m having the best time of my life in Banja Luka!