If you have spent your exchange in Bosnia and Herzegovina, please send us a text about your experience with couple of photos at info-bih@afs.org. Hvala!

Emma from Belgium: My three months in Bosnia and Herzegovina
When I arrived in Sarajevo, there was the most enthusiastic welcoming team waiting for me--the best way to start my exchange! The On-Arrival Camp in Sarajevo was full of workshops, new food... Read more

Thanaphum from Thailand: My Adventure in BiH
I am very proud and happy to be here. I have learned a lot of new things, people, cultures, foods, friendships and a new language. Bosnian language is very hard language for me but it isn’t too hard to learn it.  Read more

Ice from Thailand: My Life in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Pictures
Everything here is completely different from my country. I have learned a lot of new things such as language, food, clothes, and lifestyle of people. Every day is an adventure. Here are some of my experiences in BiH. (2014/15) Read more

Mezia from Belgium: I Had The Time of My Life in Čapljina
I live here together with a host family in the southern part of this country called Herzegovina. Once you know the people, they will be so friendly! But my God, they are so loud! At the beginning of my stay here, every time that they were laughing (2013/14) Read more

Charlotte from Germany: I Met My Great Love, Sarajevo
Two years ago I decided to do something special, so I decided to go abroad. I found out about AFS exchange programs, so I applied and never regret it. When I came to Bosnia and Herzegovina I met my great love, Sarajevo. (2012/13) Read more

Metehan from Turkey: People Here Are Friendly and Helpful
I like Bosnia because of its culture, history, religion and of couse the good food. Life and people are different, not like in another countries. If you go to "Baščaršija" you’ll find Ottoman art, if you go to the Ferhadija street you’ll find Austro-Hungarian art. (2013/14) Read more

Laura from Italy: In Love With Sarajevo
People in Sarajevo are really open-minded and curious about exchange students. I will always remember the first day in my school, when all my classmates get around me and were asking me many questions and wanted to know everything about me. (2013/14)    
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Sulamita from Brazil: Let’s Talk About The Best Year in My Life
Yes, I was the first Brazilian student in BiH! Here is a list with 10 things you should do in BiH. My host city in BiH was Srbac, it’s close to Banja Luka. It is a small town--about 20,000 people live there. (2012/13)
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Pawel from Poland: The Best Time of My Life
I’m having a great time here; the people are really friendly (just the same as in Poland). Poland and Bosnia and Herzegovina are both Slavic countries, so I feel sympathy towards them. Thanks to the last 2 months, I have completely changed my mind about Bosnia! (2011/12) 
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Gizem from Turkey: Amazing Experience
I had an amazing experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I was in Banjaluka, a city I had heard nothing about before I went there.My AFS year in Banjaluka will probably remain as the best year of my life, and I wish I could take people I met there everywhere with me. (2009/10) 
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