AFS programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina are run by the UG Interkulturni susreti u Bosni i Hercegovini (UG ISU BIH) in the cooperation with AFS Intercultural Programs, Inc., USA.

About UG Interkulturni susreti u Bosni i Hercegovini -
Intercultural meetings in Bosnia and Herzegovina

UG Interkulturni susreti u Bosni i Hercegovini (UG ISU BIH) with headquarters in Sarajevo, is a non-for-profit, non governmental, voluntary driven organisation active on the country level since 2002 with headquarters in Sarajevo. It has around 60 active volunteers countriwide who are running the program activities.  

UG ISU BIH organizes and runs international exchange programs for high school students and volunteers in the cooperation with AFS Intercultural Programs, Inc., USA and is a member organisation of the European Federation for Intercultural Learning, Belgium. 

UG ISU BIH has its Assembly, President of the organization and the Board, and it's main office is located in Sarajevo, the capital of BiH.

Click here to discover who are our Board members and the President, and here to learn more about the office.

History of AFS Programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina

AFS high school programs with the former Yugoslavia began in 1967-68 when the first five Yugoslav students arrived to the United States for a year long stay. Since then more than 800 Yugoslavian students were sent to the USA and more than 500 American students spent a trimester or a year in Yugoslavia. Because of the war in Yugoslavia, AFS suspended hosting programs in Yugoslavia in 1991 and AFS programs in Yugoslavia were completely cancelled in 1992.

The first initiator of restarting AFS exchange programs in BiH was AFS Germany which has collected donations for sending first six students from BiH for one year in Germany in 2002/2003. After return to BiH, these students started actively volunteering and with help of AFS Germany, they have selected and sent 7 students to Germany in 2004/05. In the same year, they have  decided to officially establish an organization named Interkulturni susreti u Bosni i Hercegovini (Intercultural meetings in Bosnia and Herzegovina), shortly UG ISU BIH or ISU, which was registered by the Ministry of Justice of BiH in October 2004.

From the very beginning of ISU, there was a strong focus on recruiting participants from the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina. This has resulted in volunteer base of more then 50 active volunteers in Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Tuzla, Brčko and other places. Since 2002, ISU has sent around 150 AFS students from BiH abroad.

Hosting in Bosnia and Herzegovina

AFS Hosting in BiH was restarted in 2009/10 when the first 3 students from Turkey came to Bosnia and Herzegovina for the one-year AFS exchange program. Since then 35 AFS students from Germany, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Poland Czech Republic, USA, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil were hosted in BiH both on trimester and on one-year student exchange programme.